The human body is a remarkable machine, capable beyond our imagination. From the most languid ballet, to gravity defying acrobatics, to feats of bar bending strength, to superhuman athleticism and scarcely believable  endurance, the body continues to amaze us at what it’s truly capable of. The human being was designed to move.

At RE:UNION, we understand that at the heart of this beautifully engineered organism that we call the human body, lies the simple fundamental of movement, giving us a remarkable canvas through which we might express our true athletic potential. RE:UNION’s training methodology is crafted from the key fundamentals of strength and conditioning, drawing principles from science and the sporting world, then purposefully constructing the programs that coalesce these philosophies, to develop and increase your true functional capability.

Funnily enough though, despite these capabilities, we are moving less and less with each passing decade, living lifestyles and working jobs that have increasingly channeled us towards static and sedentary behaviour. Obesity is at epidemic levels and overall health seems to be on the decline. Our primary goal at RE:UNION is to reverse this process and get everybody up and moving again, reacquainting you with what it means to be healthy, active and moving regularly – your best self.

Our training does not discriminate on age, sex, ethnicity, ability, appearance, or otherwise – we are truly open, available, and achievable for all. We do not promote competition with each other. Here, your fellow members will rejoice in your success, cheer you on, and help you together as a community. The RE:UNION Training model will shape and energise you in ways you never thought possible, all in a fun and exciting personalised group training environment.


On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you will find RE:LOAD, a place where strength matters. We will push you through your limits and capabilities. We challenge our members regularly with simple strength tests to provide tangible evidence of improvement, and to have proof that our method works. We stick to the basics, but execute them to perfection.

RE:PLAY is our signature conditioning style workout and occurs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Short timed interval based workouts mixed with longer endurance-style sessions will have you sweating, puffing and achieving what you may otherwise and previously have thought is unachievable. You will also be tested here regularly through short and long conditioning bouts to ensure you are on track and enjoying noticeable success throughout your journey with us.

RE:UNITE is where we put all skills learnt during the week and mash it all together… plus a little more. It’s our weekend signature session. Expect DJ’s, benchmarks, team-inspired workouts and a great community feel. This We do so well.

Our programs are professionally and thoroughly considered in order to meet our members strength and fitness goals. We have broad and diverse experience at the helm through both professional athletic backgrounds and over 40 years of total coaching experience.

Group Fitness Training Classes
Group Fitness Training Classes
Group Fitness Training Classes



Simply put, Strength is the foundation that true fitness success and future performance is built upon. Our RE:LOAD sessions are the nuts and bolts for building a leaner, resilient, fortified, healthier and fitter you, working through specific movement patterns to deliver the highest results bang for your buck, whilst improving movement quality, energy levels and turning you into a fat burning machine.


RE:PLAY is the ying to RE:LOADs yang, looking to develop your overall level of conditioning and functional capacity, whilst exploring dynamic activities and building your engine. Expect a diverse range of activities, team challenges and group exercises, all designed to get you moving, sweating and puffing. Programming will be both exciting and varied, structured in such a way that the kilos will be falling off, movement quality will be optimised and you will be left wanting more and more.


The weekends are reserved for something very special indeed, bringing the RE:UNION team together for the ultimate group training experience.RE:UNITE is about games, athletic battles and team challenges, but most of all, fun! Expect the unexpected and get that drink bottle and towel ready, for Saturday’s is our time to let the magic happen and RE:UNITE.


Our RE:BOOT class is a perfect mix of strength , conditioning and banded work that will compliment your weekly REUNION sessions! It is guaranteed to help grow a strong, powerful, plump glutes and core!


With RE:CONNECT, you are able to maintain a health and fitness regime regardless of your timetable, location, or unforeseen hurdles. Essentially, you can take RE:UNION with you anywhere you go, whether you’re away on business, need to be at home, travelling on holidays but looking to keep some of those vaycay desserts at bay, or even just unable to make a group session and looking to keep up your training, that option is here with RE:CONNECT. It does not matter where you end up in the world, where you live, or where you intend to go, we can be there alongside you. We offer live classes, recorded classes, and we are currently building out a content library that will give you endless ideas and workouts for any situation. We look forward to seeing you, virtually.