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Training For Your Menstrual Cycle.

Ladies, (and attentive men, husbands, and family members) listen up!

Periods, they affect us all differently. I know for me, I sometimes feel like a wonder woman in the gym, and other times all I want to do is stretch in the sunshine and go for a walk.

I’m here to let you know how you can track your cycle, and maximise your training routine and get the best results.

Let’s simplify this.

Firstly, I’d suggest downloading a period tracker app such as Clue or Flo to help you out with identifying your different phases.

Secondly, let’s build an understanding of the different cycles and how the ebb and flow can affect your overall well-being and performance. This is a guide based on a 28-day cycle, which will vary based on the individual. I repeat, everyone’s cycle is different.

Okay, let's do this!

Day 1-6 PERIOD: Start to build intensity in your training routine, some movement can help period pain on initial days of bleeding.

Day 6-14 FOLLICULAR PHASE: Boom! This is my favourite training week! Here is your wonder woman phase! Prioritise strength training. Work at a high intensity and volume and enjoy that fast recovery.

Day 14-16-ish OVULATION: This is where you will be at your strongest! Go for a Personal Best aka PB. Just make sure you are performing quality movements to prevent injury.

Day 17-28 LUTEAL PHASE: This is where you may start to feel slightly sluggish and the dreaded PMS can creep in. I’d suggest lower-intensity movement, choose lighter weights, be creative with your movement and mix it up, this is a great time to learn a skill and rest if needed.

Third and finally, schedule your training for the upcoming week knowing exactly where you are at with your cycle and how you’re going to feel.

If you are not already, I challenge you to track and test cycle training out in the next 12 weeks and see what differences it can make to your results. Note: I’ve literally got my cycle posted on our fridge. Let me know how you go!

As always, if you have any questions, reach out, the coaches at REUNION are here to help.



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