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REUNION’s Nutrition philosophy is goal and performance orientated, catering to all individuals. We can help you facilitate fat loss, muscle gain and the formation of healthy food relationships.

Performance-Driven Meal Options

Supporting strength, endurance, speed, power, and growth in line with REUNION training

Moderation Over Restriction

Inspiring a wholesome, whole foods-based diet that is all-inclusive rather than prescribing unsustainable exclusions.

Clean Supplementation Advice

No gimmicks, no proprietary ingredients B.S. –just nutritious supplements to replenish your body to keep you moving to hit your health and fitness targets

Healthy Options for All

Catering to diverse cultures, beliefs, goals, and capabilities to facilitate fat loss, muscle gain, and the formation of healthy food relationships.

"From the very start, I felt supported by both the trainers and the REUNION community. The program was clear and the information provided around food, meal prep, and general nutrition was amazing and really helped me achieve my goals. I am so happy with my results and feel empowered to continue beyond the challenge focussing on my training, technique, and nutrition. I cannot recommend highly enough!"


Find your location and choose from core plans and add-ons

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